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Expand your services and increase revenue. Gain easy access to your patient’s complete medical history.


Easiest way to manage patients, get appointments, schedule appointments, quick report sharing.

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Access to any doctor around the country and best healthcare services provider across the country.


The saviors are always ready to serve the nation. Registered ambulance for free and help us to serve the nation.

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Path lab

expand your services & increase revenue. Create digital lab to share reports with doctors & patient, save money & time upto 70%.


Find the details of any kind of disease by just searching through symptoms and names. Find the best possible ways of prevention.

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Get your medicine deliver to your home at the lowest price possible, save 20-40% on medication.

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Blood donor

Be a donor and save someone’s life, superheroes are real let’s prove it

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Get the cheapest insurance policy on get yourself insured from uncertain situation.

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Welcome to Wellona

Wellona is a web based healthcare and ecommerce platform designed to provide better and reliable healthcare services to the people of our country. This application is designed by taking the day to day problem faced by our people for getting health care service across the country into consideration. This application will play the role of a window between the people and health care professional.


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